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Permanent and Temporary Hair Removal

Electrolysis | IPL Laser Hair Removal | Waxing



Electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal. We would recommend a free consultation prior to any treatment.


We use the latest Blend Method and achieve excellent results on face and body hair



Blend Electrolysis is a tried and tested method of permanent hair removal. For 29 years Sian Lewis, a fellow of the British Institution and Association of Electrolysis (BIAE), has successfully helped clients with removal of superfluous hair growth. Clients pay for treatment as they go along per timed session according to the amount of time required to remove hair in the specific area.


Treatment can be carried out in the
following areas:

Bikini Line
Fingers and Toes



We have treated many clients who are delighted by permanent removal of hairs from even large areas such as legs, arms, underarm and bikini lines. Treating under arm hair or bikini line is particularly effective. This proves to be very cost effective and time saving when compared to waxing for years.

When swimming or wearing sleeveless tops you are always good to go!
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For a free consultation please phone to arrange an appointment.


15 Minutes - £25
20 Minutes - £32
30 Minutes - £37
45 Minutes - £45
60 Minutes - £55

(£5 extra per treatment with Sian)




IPL Laser Hair Removal

What is IPL? IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL is a safe and effective way of removing unwanted hair. Hair growth is reduced and removed by a series of up to 6 treatments using controlled light impulses (IPL) on to the area which is known as photo depilation. The light is absorbed by the hair pigmentation and travels to heat the follicle and destroy it without damage to the surrounding tissue.


Why have IPL Hair Removal? The IPL hair removal treatments can removes the need for regular waxing and shaving on large areas. Ingrown hair follicles are a thing of the past and you do not have to put up with stubbly areas again. We treat many hair colours and skin types but best results are achieved on dark hair on pale skin. IPL is the treatment of choice for women and men who want to remove hair and feel released from the constant ties of waxing and shaving. Compare the cost of waxing, shaving over a period of time against the convenience and no more fuss and it’s paid for itself!


The number of treatments depends on your skin and hair type. Please note not everyone is suitable for this treatment and some can be better served by removal of hairs by Blend Electrolysis or a combination of IPL and Blend. During our consultation we will give you our best advise regarding the best method of hair removal for your skin, hair type and area to be treated. Clients will be required to carry out a course of treatment to enable all the hairs to be treated in the right growth cycle.
Does it hurt? As the controlled intense pulsed light passes in to the skin the most regular description is on of feeling a very slight pinging sensation.


Consultation with test patch £35


Women (per session)

Bikini – (classic) £80
Bikini – (extended) £95
Brazilian - £115
Hollywood - £130
Upper front thighs (below bikini line) £45
Back of thighs - £65
Half leg lower - £130
Half leg upper - £140
Feet inc. toes - £40 (if with legs £25)
Whole leg (not inc. bikini) - £225
3/4 leg - £175
Under arm - £70
Half arm - £70
Whole arm - £100
Buttocks - £75
Nipple area - £45


Upper lip - £40
Chin - £45 (jawline add £20)
Between eyebrows - £35
Cheeks - £60
Full face - £135




Upper back (inc. shoulders) - £150
Lower back - £120
Whole back (inc. shoulders) - £230
Shoulders only - £80
Chest (small area) - £75
Full chest - £160
Abdomen - £70
Buttocks - £85
Upper lip - £50
Upper lip and beard (not neck) - £140
Upper lip, beard and neck - £165
Beard area only (not upper lip/neck) - £85
Back of neck - £70
Between eyebrows - £40
Feet - £40
Toes - £40


Courses of 6 treatments for the price of 5 can be arranged for payment in advance.





Waxing is a very effective method of temporary hair removal. Waxing removes the hair from the root so results can last up to eight weeks. Ideally, the hair needs to be at least 0.5cm long for most effective results.






Full Leg Wax - £32
Full Leg Wax and Basic Bikini Line - £35
Full Leg Wax and French - £45
Full Leg Wax and Brazilian - £50
Full Leg Wax with Hollywood - £60


Lower Leg (not including bikini line) - £20
Upper Leg (not including bikini line) - £20
Upper Leg (including basic bikini line) - £25


Basic Bikini Line - £15, Extended - £18

French Wax (thin line of hair left top and below) - £25
Brazilian Wax (small area of hair left at top and all hair removed below) - £30
Hollywood Wax (all hair removed) - £35


Upper Lip or Chin Wax - £7
Upper Lip & Chin Wax - £12

Lower Arm Wax - £16

Under Arm Wax - £14
Full Arm Wax - £22


Upper or Lower Back Wax only - £17
Back Wax - £32
Chest Wax - £29
Chest and Abdomen Wax - £35


For all price enquiries and bookings contact us.